Simon J. Blanchard

Since my time at the GERAD in 2004 -2005, I have worked on the development of algorithms and statistical models to draw inferences based on datasets for the input data does not have labeled responses.

I have applied such methods in the study of free-categorization (i.e., how consumers intuitively see some objects as similar in some way), substitution patterns, image classification, and misinformation.

Research about Unsupervised Learning

Applications of Unsupervised Learning

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  2. Verena Schoenmuller, Simon J. Blanchard, Gita V. Johar "Identifying and Predicting Fake News Sharers: Beyond Demographics and Ideology." Under review.
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Development of Unsupervised Learning Models

  1. Rodrigo Randel, Daniel Aloise, Alain Hertz, and Simon J. Blanchard "A Lagrangian-based score for assessing the quality of pairwise constraints in semi-supervised clustering." Under review.
  2. Daniel Pinerho, Daniel Aloise, Simon J. Blanchard "Convex Fuzzy k-Medoid Clustering." Conditionally accepted at Fuzzy Sets and Systems.
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